12 Fashion Mistakes of 2021: Part 1

There are no fashion rules.

There are many fashion rules.

Both these statements are true.

Assembling an outfit that makes a splash without sinking to the bottom can be a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. We’ve drawn up a list of 12 mistakes to avoid — and here are the first six.

Fashion Mistake #1: Going All Retro

We all love certain looks from yesteryear, but that doesn’t mean you should dress up in a perfect copy of any other decade’s style. The right way to do it is to mix and match elements from your favorite decade with more up-to-date pieces. Start by identifying what it is about the decade’s fashions that appeal to you. Is it the silhouette? The colors? The accessories and makeup? Then, decide to incorporate that element into an otherwise modern outfit.

Fashion Mistake #2: The Wrong Size

Classic pieces require a proper fit. Sizing varies quite a bit from one retailer to another, so whenever possible, make sure you try on each piece and scrutinize it carefully. In the absence of being able to do that, measure yourself — getting a friend to help is ideal — and use those measurements to pick out your garment.

Here at Khazar Fashion, we provide a sizing chart to help you get that stellar fit. Keep in mind that we use European sizing, so American customers will most likely need to order a larger size than what they usually wear.  

Fashion Mistake #3: Showing It All

It’s summer, and don’t get us wrong — we like being able to show a little skin. Cut-outs and micro minis are both major trends in summer fashion this year. That said, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. As a general guideline, avoid pairing two or more revealing items — for example, don’t wear your sweater with the waist cut-outs with your jeans with the thigh cut-outs. Instead, pair the sweater with a maxi skirt, and pair the jeans with a drapey top with a higher neckline. Stick to one short or cut-out piece at a time, because it’ll avoid overdoing it and showcase that great item you are wearing.

Fashion Mistake #4: Not Knowing — or Recognizing — Your Audience

It’s one thing to incorporate your personal style into your outfits, but flouting a dress code shows disrespect for the setting and everyone in it. No matter the event — an evening wedding, a job interview, a glitzy PR event — know the expectations and plan to meet them.

Fashion Mistake #5: Too Many Trends

Hot new colors, fun details, wild patterns and fabrics: we love to dance with all the trends — but we don’t love them all at once. Avoid layering too many trendy items on top of one another — even better, avoid acquiring every trendy piece that pops up. You’ll risk having a closet full of fast-fashion clothes and nothing to wear. Instead, build a collection of classic pieces and add current trends as elements of your style.

At Khazar Fashion, we have a little bit of both the timeless and the trendy on offer. For timeless, check out our classic “Nore,” “Vermillion Truce,” and “Ciel Bleu” blazers, and for trendy, have a look at our body cons “Luxury” and “Monsieur Bleu.”

Fashion Mistake #6: No Contrast

In the not-too-distant past, you might have been advised to match your handbag to your shoes. No more! Instead, finding a creative mix will make your look distinctive. Start by pairing multiple pieces that feature the same colors but a variety of patterns or textures. The stripes, dots, and other patterns provide contrast and interest, while the similar colors tie everything together. As your confidence grows, go bolder by pairing wilder pieces!

There you have the first six of Khazar Fashion’s guidelines to avoid fashion mistakes! Stay tuned for the next six.

Written by Emily Rios