2021 Summer Looks from Khazar Fashion

Summer is here! Is your summer wardrobe hitting all its marks? Not to worry if not — Khazar Fashion has dresses to fulfill all kinds of wardrobe needs.

Showing Your Shape

After a year at home in relaxed clothing — shout out to our hardworking pajamas, yoga pants, and tee shirts of 2020! — we are ready to put on a dress that showcases our curves.

Luxury” is our full-length designer body con dress. Body cons have already become a favorite of summer 2021, and our “Luxury” is gorgeous and sleek, sleeveless and with beaded details.

Our next body con raises the hemline and also the heat! It’s “Figura Bella,” with an Empire waistline and a plunging neckline, making it perfect to show off your décolleté.

Reine” is another one of our sleek looks: its hemline is at the mid-calf, making it longer than “Figura Bella” but shorter than “Luxury.” Sleeveless, and with a high neckline, it’s a great way to look chic and professional on the sales floor and at the board meetings.

Baring Your Skin

We’re so excited by dresses that show a little shoulder or leg. It’s something we look forward to all year, and this summer we’re more excited than ever before! Want in on the action? Emerge from the cocoon of home and video calls with these handsome pieces:

Our “Monsieur Bleu” is a huge hit with Khazar Fashion customers, who say things like “gorgeous,” “solid,” “great quality,” “well-tailored,” and “lovely.” The premium fabric and perfect shaping will cinch your waist and slim your body. We expect “Monsieur Bleu” to become your new favorite dress.

If showing more leg is your preference, take a look at “Papillon.” It’s our classy blazer dress in summerweight fabric with gold double-breasted button details and a mini skirt hemline. Perfect for a day at work followed by a night out on the town or at the lakeside.

And to turn up the glam, here’s “Jet Setter.” Shot through with gold accents, it’s exactly what you need when the event calls for fancy. “Jet Setter” would be just as home in the section above, because it will not only showcase your legs, but it will also show off your shape.

Summer Whites

We love an ensemble with white garments as the center of attention. It says to us hot summer days by a crystal-clear pool or warm summer nights filled with fireflies. At Khazar Fashion, we have dresses that will be the foundation of your beautiful white ensembles.

Many of the dresses we’ve already mentioned are available in white: “Luxury,” “Figura Bella,” and “Monsieur Bleu” are three. One more we must mention here is “Bonjour.” With a short hemline and sheer panels at the waist, the body-hugging dress is sure to make heads turn your way!

Vibrant Colors

Black and whites are mainstays of every season, but we want a little color too. Or maybe a lot of color? We get it! Some of Khazar Fashion’s great pieces highlighted above come in many colors: “Monsieur Bleu,” “Figura Bella,” and “Reine.” In addition, we’d like to draw your eye to “Red Love.” (Actually, with this color, we aren’t sure you could look away!) The deep shawl collar frames the plunging neckline and ends above the trim waist.

Curves, colors, and more, these bold looks described above express optimism and joy – exactly what we’re all feeling now that we’re finally able to get out and be social again. Khazar Fashion is there for your wardrobe needs, and whatever dress you choose, the important thing is to have some fun!

Written by DVC Developers