Not Your Mother’s Blazer: Five Creative Ways To Wear a #BossBlazer

Not Your Mother’s Blazer: Five Creative Ways to Wear a #BOSSBLAZER

What do we think of when we hear the word “blazer”? We may think of the hardworking woman going to her steady and reliable nine to five job—yes, I am channeling 1980s Dolly Parton vibes here. We may think of words like powerful, confident, successful, or maybe we think of Miranda or Samantha from Sex and the City. Regardless, the blazer is an iconic closet staple that quickly became the face of the independent woman— with the exception of Mr. Schmidt from New Girl, of course. However, newer generations might view the blazer as a sign of conforming to a capitalist image and lifestyle, or worse— conforming to a restricting sense of fashion. It is true. The blazer does seem to have lost the powerful glory that it once held. We may think of it now as a work uniform and attach it to words like “workaholic,” “retired career woman,” or, speaking from experience, to images of your mother’s closet containing a rainbow of dusty blazers with outdated shoulder pads that seem to scream “back in my day…” However, in the words of the famous, classy, and inspirational Coco Chanel, “Fashion fades, [but] only style remains the same”. That being said, taking these words of wisdom from a woman who changed the fashion industry might be wise. So, let’s throw out our old misconceptions of the dusty outdated blazer and view it from a style perspective— as Ms. Coco Chanel suggests— for if we have style, any piece can be fashionable— even your mother’s blazer. 


Before you go dusting off those old blazers, however, consider these fashionable alternatives. Khazar Fashion offers a refreshing take on this closet staple. Below are 5 trendy and creative ways to style the versatile #Bossblazers


  1. Pop of Color:

When seeking to grow a professional wardrobe, we may think of the usual: slacks, pumps, blazer, etc. However, to get away from the mundane, it’s important to remember that a piece of clothing can easily cross a line from being an uninspiring work uniform to being a stylish daily choice. That being said, one of the best ways to wear a blazer, for any occasion, is by using it as a well-needed pop of color. Imagine this: it’s a cold and gray Monday morning. You drag yourself out of bed, continue with your morning routine and go get dressed. You have two choices for today’s outfit: a lifeless blazer that has seen your office far too many times, or the vibrant blue blazer which demands attention and awe. If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada, then you know that color is not just a color, blue is not blue, but instead, it is now cerulean, and it turns out to be a stylistic choice that becomes an embodiment of your essence and persona— or it’s just a well needed pop of color on a cold and gray Monday morning. Regardless of the reason for the stylistic choice, you pick the blue anyway— it just sounds like a great way to lighten up the day, right? 

Some options to style this type of blazer could be a monochromatic look like one of my favorites— the all-black look. This can be done with any type of clothing whether that be turtlenecks, jeans, skirts, or dresses. The outfit will be pieced together with that inspiring pop of color which seems to rejuvenate the powerful history of the blazer. 

P.s. matching pumps would be a great option to finish off the look! 

  1. Mix Patterns & Textures

Speaking of taking chances on pops of color, why stop there? Some of the most inspiring fashion trends from streetwear to high fashion runways have pushed the boundaries of fashion and dared to do the impossible— mix patterns and textures! Before you go running for the hills on this idea, consider some of the most iconic style queens that use this formula like Beyonce, Rihanna, or Anya Taylor-Joy, among many others. While this style can sometimes be risky or stressful for a typical workday or important meeting, consider using this strategy on a night out or a late-night dinner! Below are some tips for mixing an eye-catching outfit: 

  •     Pick one article of clothing that will dominate the look (this is usually a dramatic patterned piece) 
  •     Pair with a more subtle pattern that may share a common color with the dramatic piece
  •     If including texture, consider a scarf or blouse with subtle accents.

Keep in mind that this can be as creative as you need it to be, but it does tend to work best with one dominating pattern. In this case, let’s consider the houndstooth patterned #Bossblazer. Although the pattern is already very eye-catching, it’s black and white color allows it to be paired with a more dominating pattern. For example, the leopard print pattern would be beautifully well balanced when paired with this blazer. This can be done through using a scarf, a cardigan underneath the blazer, or some leopard print pumps. This, of course, may take some trial and error, but there is a deep satisfaction to finding patterns that match despite their contrasting differences. So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and start wearing what looks and feels right for you— fashion designers do it all the time! 


  1. Legs for Days

Now that you’ve got your fashion designer lenses on, consider stepping into the model role! Speaking from experience once again, my only driving motivation for years (mostly during my high school years) for obtaining a career was to wear oversized blazers and walk around like THE main character in my life. Although I have now grown and come to realize that most jobs will not find that to be appropriate work attire, this does not mean I cannot enjoy the occasional oversized blazer paired with my best dress. Luckily, Khazar Fashion has the perfect stylistic options as they feature blazers that can serve as both a blazer and a dress! While this type of blazer may not be the first image that comes to mind when thinking of the word, there is no denying the power that you feel in a strong blazer, some heels, and your legs out ready for the day— or night! Styling a blazer dress or an oversized blazer is quite simple really. All you need is a great pair of shoes, a belt (if necessary), and the confidence to walk knowing you are winning in that outfit! Wearing a blazer dress may be a great opportunity to pull out the long-missed knee-high boots or bold chunky accessories. An oversized blazer look on the other hand can be dressed down for a casual night or dressed up for a night out. Regardless, styling a blazer with a bare leg, shorts, dress, or skirt screams high fashion and you will surely feel like a model walking down your local bar, club, or grocery store! 

  1. Summer Vibes

We have all seen those movie scenes where the hardworking businessman— or woman— is running late to work, sweating profusely, and looks overall extremely uncomfortable in their unimpressive blazer that is usually way too hot for the time of year. I know I have seen these scenes far too many times, and I would be the first to say that a blazer on a hot summer day is not the perfect outfit for me— it is actually an outfit that I have dreaded many times. That is, until I realized that the character in this scene had styled that blazer all wrong! One thing about fashion, is that any piece can work if you know how to style it. For example, we have winter scarves as well as summer scarves, and they not only serve their purpose, but they also make us feel accomplished and ready for whatever life throws! That being said, we must know that there are blazers for every season! A blazer dress could be all you’d need to make a stylish summer outfit. Pair with a summer shoe and you’re ready to look fabulous without any horrid sweat marks. Likewise, an oversized blazer can be quite refreshing too! This type of blazer can be paired with some cute shorts and a tank top to help combat the heat. Another important factor to consider when trying to wear a blazer on a hot summer day is color. We’ve all heard the phrase to not wear black on hot days. Well, just to be safe, make sure to pick out a blazer in a lighter shade! This will not only keep you cool, but it will also add an effortless charm to a simple outfit. 


  1. Casual Fridays

Calling all career women— this one’s for you! There are many reasons to love Fridays: it’s the start of the weekend, date nights, girl’s nights out, relaxing nights in, and the fan favorite “casual Fridays.” Before you go questioning “why I would want to wear a blazer on my casual day?”, let’s consider some of the best casual outfits featuring the blazer. For example, jeans! That’s right— I’m talking mom jeans, skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, wide leg jeans, or any other trendy jean that catches your eye. Mixing these two different styles, casual and professional, create a sense of professionalism while still keeping your style and sense of individualism. There are of course many other ways to wear a blazer casually— leggings, skirts, dresses, or shorts— but jeans seem to be a trendy favorite that never go out of style. This is also a perfect opportunity to pair with a colorful blazer, as discussed above, or even with a textured or patterned blazer! Consider making a bolder outfit these days and use a chunky boot or your favorite sneakers— after-all, it’s your Friday to shine! 

There is no doubt that the blazer which was once connected with boring and a lackluster piece of outerwear now has the opportunity to be the dominant piece of an outfit that will not only make you feel great about yourself, but it will also show off your great sense of style to those around you! The blazer, contrary to what many may believe, is making a strong comeback as a closet staple, but not only for the career woman, but for the student, the entrepreneur, and the trendy fashionista queen!


Written by Emily Rios