Recommended Cute Summer Jackets

Most people associate jackets with the spring more than the summer, but not every summer day is equally warm. So, when is it jacket weather? Anytime you’d feel uncomfortable in just a dress or a shirt! When you look at it that way, we all need some cute summer jacket options for those cool or windy days. Here are some thoughts from Khazar Fashion on recommended cute summer jackets!

Recommended Cute Summer Jackets

What’s in style this season? When it comes to jackets, leather is in right now – and our “Gemini” black leather collar blazer has that chic look your work-week needs. 

Cut-outs are also in, so our “Mojo” leather cut-out blazer is especially on-point right now… and you must agree with us, because you bought so many of them that we’re currently sold out of this item! 

Big shoulders are also on-trend, like the shoulders on our “Coquet” blazer. A checkered black-and-white jacket inspired by French designs, this flirty blazer is perfect for anything from Zoom meetings to nights out on the town.

Summer Jacket Trends

Not that Khazar Fashion is the only company making cute summer jackets. The leather shacket is a popular trend right now. What’s a “shacket,” you may ask? It’s a combination of a shirt and jacket, just light enough to be perfect for summer! 

Along with shackets, other jacket trends this season include fringed, quilted, puffed sleeves, and large pockets.

Blazers and Dresses

Another cute summer jacket trend is to wear a blazer over a dress. Blazers and dresses are exactly what we make here at Khazar Fashion, so have a look at our collection and see if there’s anything you’d like to combine. Of course, you could always just wear a blazer dress like the “Bonjour”!
Written by Emily Rios