Summer Blazers for Every Vibe

Most people associate blazers with the spring and the fall more than the summer, but because many of us are heading back into the office this season, that means that we are heading back into air conditioning. Plus, many restaurants and movie theaters are back to full capacity, so we’ll be sitting in air conditioning there as well. Brrr! Wouldn’t it be best to have a cover-up?

And even if we are choosing outdoor activities, we might be out in windy weather or after sunset, when the air turns cool. So, even though summer may not seem like the right time of year for it, it stands to reason that we all need some summer jacket options. Have we convinced you to gather a few for your style arsenal? Here are some recommendations from Khazar Fashion!


Let’s start with the classic looks. “Dorado Love,” with its black body, white details, and gold buttons, is effortlessly classy. Made of a perfectly balanced cotton/poly blend, the blazer material is soft but looks rich and luxurious. Like many of our other designs, please note that we sell European sizes; therefore, a size up is recommended.

Looking to shake things up a little, while still keeping a refined image? Check out our “Coquet”! Houndstooth was a popular pattern for men’s suiting fabric in the early 20th century, since then it has become a handsome and fashionable choice for women’s garments as well. Like all our other pieces, it has the same sharp, high-quality details you expect from Khazar Fashion.

And what if you are looking for a pop of color? Not to worry — we have just the thing for you. “Nore,” our beautiful textured cotton blazer, comes in four colors. Complete your outfit with a Blue or Green jacket to evoke beautiful summer skies and bright greenery, or match our White blazer with other white pieces for a truly classy summer look that will take you everywhere. Also available in Black — the perfect color for all seasons.


What makes a design modern? How about uncommon details, unexpected fabrics, and unfussy shaping? If these intrigue you, read on: Khazar Fashion has blazers you are going to want.

For a jacket displaying uncommon details, look no further than our “Chanel-Inspired” blazer. Thick white cuffs and single white lapels that finish with high points make this piece a distinctive one. And speaking of distinctive — how about “Denim”? The shape is familiar, and so is the fabric, but together they are something entirely unexpected. And finally, for a jacket that skips the trim waistline in favor of an unfussy one, check out “Jacquel.” Besides the relaxed shape, we love its untamed print.


Leather isn’t for everyone, but if it is for you, we have two pieces you need to see. Meet “Gemini” and “Mojo.” “Gemini” is our classic black double-breasted blazer with sharp black leather lapels. This is the kind of detail from Khazar Fashion that can really make you stand out, and it can take you from a day at work to an evening out without batting an eyelash.

And if you are ready for even more leather, take a look at “Mojo”! It’s is our #BossBlazer! Wait — what’s that you say? It doesn’t seem right for summer? Au contraire! “Mojo” is summerweight!


Our first bestseller is one we’ve already described — it’s “Gemini”! Is it any surprise that this handsome piece is on the Khazar Fashion bestseller list?

And our other bestseller? It’s “Ciel Bleu,” a soft blazer in cool mint-blue tweed. With its Jackie O vibes, it’s a must-have for every girl.

When considering adding classy, sharp, distinctive pieces to your wardrobe, look no further than Khazar Fashion!

Written by Emily Rios