Top 2021 Summer Dresses

Summer is here, and Khazar Fashion has great dresses for you to wear at all your fun warm-weather activities. Read on to find out what we have available, and to read our thoughts on this season’s dress trends!

Top 2021 Summer Dresses from Khazar Fashion

Khazar Fashion’s “Monsieur Bleu” is perfect for summer socializing – a sleeveless dress with spaghetti straps, tightly fitted to show off all your curves!

The “Papillon” is a chic black piece you can pair with your favorite hat or classic pumps to make the perfect summer outfit.

The “Reine” is sleeveless, body-fitting, and perfect for any time of year. Available in red, army green, black, nude, green, navy blue, or pink!

Blazer Dresses

Wearing a blazer over a dress is in this season, so why not try one of the blazer dresses we make here at Khazar Fashion? The “Bonjour” is a body-hugging white blazer dress that looks flattering on any body type, and the “Givenchy Code” is a bold, all-black or all-white blazer dress that will help you stand out in any room. 

Summer Dress Trends

When it comes to fashion trends, top 2021 summer dresses include anything with an open back, strapless tube dresses, and micro minis. “Floss” dresses are also on-trend right now – in other words, dresses with straps so thin they almost look like floss! Floral retro is also big, and you’ll be seeing ocean prints everywhere.

A lot of the top 2021 summer dresses will feature saturated colors, with orange being especially popular. This bold, bright colorful look expresses optimism and joy – exactly what we’re all feeling now that we’re finally able to get out and be social again. Whatever you decide to wear this season, the important thing is to have some fun!

Written by Emily Rios