Summer Fashion Trends of 2021

Summer 2021 is in full swing! Every summer is an opportunity to get outside – but this summer, there’s something a little extra to it, isn’t there? After a year spent in social isolation and quarantine, we’re ready to set aside the video calls and choose to meet in person. What are you wearing? Read on to learn about what’s hot right now.

2021 Bold Fashion Trends

Step out from the shadows and show us what you’ve got! Many of the fashion trends we’ve tracked so far are for your most daring self.

Body Cons: After spending the months at home in our oldest yoga pants and a favorite oversize t-shirt, we’re itching to show a little shape. These sleek pieces come in a variety of hem lengths and sleeve lengths: the longer hems and sleeves are perfect for the office when paired with a button down shirt and ballet slippers, while the shorter hems and sleeves are great when you’re ready for the big reveal.

(Looking to add a body con to your wardrobe? Check out our “Red Love” and “Figura Bella” dresses!)

Bold Prints: Skip the solids, the stripes, and the ditsy prints for a while and instead go big and splashy. Blooms and vines, fruits, vegetables — these prints are just plain fun. Dip your toe in by wearing a single piece, or wear an entire ensemble of big prints to make waves.

Cut-Outs: Cold shoulders were just the beginning. Now you can find clothing with exciting, unusual cut-outs anywhere on the arms, legs, or torso of the garment. Show your décolleté with a clever cutout on the front of your sweater, or look sleek with cutouts around the waist.

Statement Accessories: Pass on the skinny belts and the belts in matching fabric — pick the wide belts in a contrasting color, and even better if they have a large belt buckle. Next, give the delicate chains and charms a rest, and wear long necklaces (known as opera or opera-length necklaces) with or without a large pendant.

2021 Cool Fashion Trends

Not all of 2021’s fashion trends are so wild — check out these four, which we find to be versatile, comforting, and fun.

Denim Shorts: Oh, these bottoms will never be old-fashioned! For a casual look, pair with a boho top, canvas or hemp shoes, and a roomy bag for your sunscreen, water bottle, and everything else you need for a full-day excursion. At night, switch to a semisheer top, slingbacks, and a small wristlet, and you’re ready for your reservation.

Mini Bags: This tiny accessory trend is only getting bigger in 2021. Nearly every designer has brought out a mini bag this year, giving you lots of choices. Pack your smartphone, your keys, and a lipstick, and go!

Glittery fabrics: Wait, I thought this wasn’t the bold and daring section? That’s right — it’s not, because metallics aren’t just for nighttime anymore. Pair a glittery sweater with neutral trousers for a casual daytime look. Keep your eye out for sequins, Lurex and lamé, and shiny fabric paint as a highlight on graphic tees.

Cottagecore: Overstimulated by screens and endless ticker tapes of troubling news, we grew to love this trend in 2020 — and we aren’t ready to let it go. Puffed sleeves, tiered skirts, prairie dresses, and peasant blouses made of gingham, eyelet, or even plain cotton and paired with clogs or rubber boots is the comfort we all deserve.

While some 2021 fashion trends are awfully familiar, other have a decided post pandemic twist to them. Which one is your favorite? Which one are you going to try next?

Written by Emily Rios