Memorial Day Sales and Fashion

Memorial Day is the start of summer – at least unofficially! – and Khazar Fashion is celebrating with a Memorial Day summer fashion sale. This summer more than any other, it’s important for us all to look and feel incredible. Read on to discover which items we have on sale right now, and to get a great promo code for a 10% discount on every item we sell! 

Items on Sale

These are all the items we have On Sale right now on our website:

“Monsieur Bleu” Dress: The “Monsieur Bleu” dress is bound to become a favorite. It’s designed to slim your body and cinch in your waist, and the tight-fitting premium-quality fabric will show off all your curves! The “Monsier Bleu” is a mid-calf length, sleeveless, dress with spaghetti straps.

“Givenchy Code” Black Blazer Dress: The “Givenchy Code” blazer dress comes in all-black or all-white, in a bold design that is anything but average. If you’re feeling bold, the “Givenchy Code” is the perfect dress to set you apart.

“Reine” Bodycon Dress: The “Reine” bodycon dress can be worn all year long and is especially perfect for important meetings. Body-fitting and elegant, the “Reine” is available in red, army green, black, nude, green, navy blue, or pink. It’s the perfect dress for a #Bossgirl!

“Miss Devore” Gray Fitted Blazer: Another excellent #Bossgirl option, the “Miss Devore” is a gray-fitted blazer made of cotton and polyester in a High Street style.

Promo Code

Use the promo code “memorialday2021” at checkout to receive a 10% discount on every item in our collection! Memorial Day is a great time to save at Khazar Fashion, so stock up on great dresses and blazers for summer today! At Khazar Fashion, you can always find unique pieces that help you express who you truly are.

Written by Emily Rios